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CEI meeting 2016

CEI Meeting, Sept 11 2016, Vancouver BC, Canada

welcome and introductions

brief introduction to EDGAR by Brett Burton
update and plans for model-building workgroup and introduction our on-line collaboration/comparison system, called COVALIC; led by Jess Tate from University of Utah
update and plans for PVC workgroup, led by Jaume Coll-Font from Northeastern University and Jwala Dhamala from Rochester Institute of Technology
update and plans for our new workgroup on ECGI for atrial electrophysiology, led by Maria Guillem from Universitat Politenica de Valencia
wrap up and future plans, meeting with individual workgroups
  • Make sure to subscribe to the working group forum to stay connected with any developments.
  • Model building workgroup
    • getting new submissions for current phase (dalhousie segmentation)
    • segmentation of the electrodes in Auckland dataset.  Possible a dataset from cardio insight for electrode location
    • potential challenge for comparing conductivity optimizations
    • group email:
  • PVC localization
    • group email:
  • Atrial arrhythmias
    • Analysis of the current state of the topic. Summary of SWOT analysis
    • Discussed a plan for a benchmark paper.