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CEI Workgroup updates 2018

We have a few events scheduled in conjunction with CinC 2018 in Maastricht.  
  1. Kick-off meeting, Sunday, Sept. 23, 10:00 am
  2. Wrap up  meeting, Wednesday, Sept 26, 5:30 pm
  3. Work group meetings and general meeting space:  Maastricht UMC+, level 4.  
The tentative agendas for these meetings are: 

CEI Kick-off meeting
Sunday, Sept 23. 10:00 am

Location: Maastricht UMC+, room A3/B3 (level 3, see map)
10:00 - 10:05 — Welcome
10:05 - 10:30 — CEI and workgroup update
10:30 - 11:00 — Joint discussion (new directions or changes to workgroups)
11:00 - 11:30 — Workgroup discussions, plan meetings for the week

Discussion Notes:
  • Covalic challenges should be set up general enough to allow for submission of all types of results answering the challenge question [Mark Potse has a method to localize pacing sites with respect to another pacing site instead of finding its absolute position].
  • There should be more cross-over of individual workgroups. It might be useful to have inter-workgroup challenges (combine preprocessing and PVC localization, for example). [Yesim Serinagaoglu]
    • e.g. signal processing of EGMs prior to AT/RT calculation. Need to answer individual questions before we get onto this? subgroups of workgroups
  • Are there types of data missing on EDGAR?
    • The clinical input should be increased. Problems with clinical data: Anonymization / liability / bureaucracy. In general, the donor of the data is responsible [Dana Brooks].
      • Ethics of this/privacy? Specific consent for sharing with CEI?
    • What is clinically useful [Matthijs Cluitmans]?
      • Datasets with multiple wavefronts in patients with scars are needed [Peter van Dam].
      • A new workgroup should concentrate on talking to clinicians about pathologies / arrhythmias that are relevant in practice and should therefore be included in EDGAR [Laura Bear, Matthijs Cluitmans, Andreu Climent].
        • More discussion at an exec level needed. Laura, Matthijs, and Andreu can lead the effort.  
      • Maybe we should aim for prospective clinical studies in order to get clinical data that can be used within the CEI? Financial support by ECGI companies? Apply for EU grant? [Andreu Climent]
  • What clinical question do we want to answer with ECGI?
    • There might be diverging views on the usefulness of ECGI by "classical" cardiologists and electrophysiologists [Brian Zenger].
    • Clinically, it is very important to increase workflow efficiency (how can we treat all patients?). ECGI might help to impove / simplify / speed up workflows of electrophysiologists. Practicability and reliability of ECGI might be more important than accuracy, as catheter mapping will remain more accurate than ECGI. [Joaquin Azpilicueta]
  • Presenting results in clinical journals / conferences:
    • One should not get too much into details about technical aspects, but rather focus on the clinical question to be solved and the clinical benefit of ECGI [Matthijs Cluitmans].
    • How can we get patient outcome data for a large number of patients [Brian Zenger]?
    • Need prospective not just retrospective data (clinical trials)
    • Try to get specific sessions?
  • Possible funding: COST action grant
    • need more retrospective studies before applying

CEI Wrap-up meeting
Wednesday, Sept 26. 5:30 pm 
Location: Maastricht UMC+, room B3.  
5:00 - 5:10 — Overview of conference progress 
5:10 - 5:20 — Preview of workgroup plans 
5:20 - 6:00 — Discussion - future CEI meetings and workgroup collaborations

Meeting notes:

  • Forward modeling workgroup (Jess)
    • Needs more submission; they set the deadline for the end of this year. Deadline 31 Dec.
  • Signal preprocessing (Laura)
    • Goal to finalize a first paper for the end of the year. Everybody still welcome to join!
    • They will ask input from all teams on which preprocessing tools they used, as to make sure that all possible preprocessing approaches are available for a thorough analysis.
  • PVC localization (Sandesh)
    • Also in need for more submissions. Deadline 31 Dec. (1 Dec for Matthijs...)
    • Looking for the best way to analyze the data (e.g., endo vs epi, metrics). Need consensus on these metrics.
    • Sandesh will plan regular meetings.
  • Activation and recovery time estimation group (Steffen)
    • Covalic data now only have white gaussian noise but will be updated with "fractionated/far-field" noise (Steffen).
    • Next steps then include adding heterogeneities (both to conduction velocities and APD), partially based on literature.
  • Cross-over workgroup (Eelco)
    • New working group proposes a tool that extends the functionality of SciRun towards Matlab or Python scripts; to support the other working groups.
    • One current issue is that there is no preprocessing tool in SciRun currently; Pfeifer would be useful but needs to be integrated (time consuming).
    • Then use SciRun to "build" the projects on working group needs.
    • Github may be the most logical place to create these new projects and modules.
    • The forward modeling group is going to experiment with this setup.
  • Report back from meeting CEI with EP Solutions (Dana)
    • 1) EP Solutions has a validation platform both on database and algorithm level. They may share this for development/collaboration with academia. Many points still open.
    • 2) EP Solutions may donate data to EDGAR. Human data.
    • Overall very positive meeting.

    • Tasks for the CEI Exec
    • 1) Involving clinicians "clinical relationships officer" (Laura, Andreu, Matthijs)
    • 2) More exposure at clinical meetings: E-Cardiology (become a member!), HRS, ...
    • 3) Cross-working groups, e.g., common development/testing environment (SciRun)
    • 4) Funding for collaboration and meetings, e.g. European funding.
    •     a) Large collaborative funds for scientific purposes (Leduq, Marie Curie, Cordis, Cost)
    •     b) CEI support funds (EDGAR, meetings)
    • 5) Meeting venue: still CinC, or also other locations? (Esp. with CinC in Singapore)
    •     a) E.g. FIMH in Bordeaux
    •     b) ISCE session, topic "added value of anatomy to ECG", Peter is looking for more speakers
    • 6) Literature output by CEI or in the field of ECGI is now collected on the CEI website -> how to organize? Excel, Mendeley, ...
  • How do we want to continue these meetings? (Jess)
    • Many options, but a satellite event to FIMH seems interesting. The advantage of such a meeting would be more dedicated time then the current short time slots during conferences. Such a meeting could focus on software development, collaboration, ...

Jess Tate,
Sep 24, 2018, 12:54 AM