As part of the effort from the Consortium for ECG Imaging to foster collaboration, it promotes the creation of workgroups around specific topics in ECGI research. The objective of these workgroups is to join research groups in the field with interests in a particular subject and promote comparison and collaboration.

From the CEI meeting at Computing in Cardiology 2015, two of these workgroups were created: the forward solutions analysis and the PVC localization workgroup.  In our meeting at Computing in Cardiology 2016, we added a third working group: Atrial Arrhythmias.  The Visit the page for each of the working groups for information about the progress and to become involved.  

    Forward solutions analysis: the focus of this workgroup is to study the pipelines to create the forward solutions in ECGI and determine which steps make the most difference.
    PVC localization: this workgroup has the objective to compare inverse methods across the field applied to the imaging of PVC beats. 
    Atrial Arrhythmia: The focus of this workgroup is on performing ECGI to characterize atrial fibrillation.
Activation & Recovery Times Detection

    Signal Processing: the focus of this workgroup is to study the variations in cardiac and body surface signals with different processing methods, and their effects on the forward and inverse problems.
    Activation and Recovery Times Detection: this workgroup aims to compare different post-processing methods to detect the time of electrical activation and/or recovery of local cardiac tissue from extracellular potentials or transmembrane voltages.