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The Consortium for ECG Imaging (CEI), is a group of engineers, scientists and clinicians who share an interest in exploring, expanding, and translating the concepts of ECG Imaging.  We aim to encourage development and widespread use of clinically and physiologically meaningful metrics for simulation, modeling, statistical, and comparison studies.  We encourage acquisition and dissemination of data within the community as we attempt to advance the field of ECGI from the laboratory into the clinic.

The web page contains pointer to a variety of resources and information (see tabs above) and the window on the right provides a means to join the community and receive news via email.  Of special note is the repository of data sets for validation of ECGI approaches and techniques; the data is freely available to all and we well contributions of additional examples. We also list conferences and other opportunities to meet and learn about the field and advance it together.  


Improved diagnostic and therapeutic value of electrocardiology through cooperative development and evaluation of ECGI methodologies .


To join forces to explore, expand, and translate the concepts of ECGI and thus accelerate movement to clinical applications that are broadly accepted in cardiology. 

Strategic Steps

A Note About Adriaan van Oosterom

It has been a year since the passing of one of the founders and inspirational leaders of the ECGI community, Adriaan van Oosterom. He is still missed by his many colleagues, collaborators, and friends around the world. Adriann's passion and intellect left an indelible mark on ECGI and on the field of bioelectricity more generally, and his impact will be felt for many years to come, not only in his direct intellectual contributions but also in the many junior investigators who he inspired to think harder and work harder, always in pursuit of better and more impactful science. 

In Memoriam: Adriaan van Oosterom

In Memoriam: Adriaan van Oosterom

It is with great sadness that we note the loss of our dear colleague Adriaan van Oosterom, who died Friday afternoon, April 26, in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, at the age of 77, with his family by his side. 

With his passion and his intellect, Adriaan has left an indelible mark on the field of bioelectricity and ECGI in particular. He was greatly appreciated and admired by his colleagues all over the world. Many young investigators remember their first encounter with Adriaan, when he fired sharp questions at them after their presentation at a conference. During the break, Adriaan would typically seek them out and pursue the topic at hand, showing his keen interest in both their work and their personal development as well as his appreciation for their ideas and conclusions. Any appreciation of Adriaan would be incomplete if it did not note that he could be very direct, which sometimes caught people unawares, but he was also very open, had a keen sense of fairness, and never hesitated to support his fellow scientists. His PhD students report that they could drop into his office at almost any time and he would immediately drop whatever he was doing and immerse them in scientific discussions. It is no surprise that his students continue to carry forward  his tradition of rigor and scientific and personal integrity. He was one of the early participants in the CEI and has attended our gatherings over the last 5 years.

The ECGI community is very much the better for Adriaan's many contributions to our field and he will be sorely missed.