As part of the effort from the Consortium for ECG Imaging to foster collaboration, it promotes the creation of workgroups around specific topics in ECGI research. The objective of these workgroups is to join research groups in the field with interests in a particular subject and promote comparison and collaboration.

Signal Processing

Signal Processing:  the focus of this workgroup is to study the variations in cardiac and body surface signals with different processing methods, and their effects on the forward and inverse problems.

Model Building: The focus of this workgroup is to study the pipelines to create the forward solutions in ECGI and determine which steps make the most difference.

Atrial Arrhythmia

Atrial Arrhythmia: The focus of this workgroup is on performing ECGI to characterize atrial fibrillation.

Activation Recovery Times

Activation & Recovery Times: This workgroup aims to compare different post-processing methods to detect the time of electrical activation and/or recovery of local cardiac tissue from extracellular potentials or transmembrane voltages. 

PVC Localization: this workgroup has the objective to compare inverse methods across the field applied to the imaging of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). 

Software Infrastructure: This workgroup aims to propose a tool that extends the functionality of SCIRun towards Matlab or Python scripts; to support the other working groups.

Machine Learning: This workgroup focuses on addressing the challenges of integrating ECGI and machine learning techniques to improve ECGI.