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CEI Satellite Symposium September 8, 2022, at CinC in Tampere, Finland

This year's CEI satellite meeting will be held on September 8th in Tampere Finland, following Computing in Cardiology 2022.  This event will focus on bringing together experts and leaders from across the world to share their progress and challenges in researching and implementing ECGI. 

The registration link  is here: https://forms.gle/XNUe9PcE9q4ZsttP6Virtual participation will be supported where possible. We hope to see you all there!

The address of the venue is Arvo Ylpön katu 34, 33520 Tampere, in Tampere University.

There will be signs to arrive at room F211A+B, on the second floor, where our event will take place.

During the afternoon we will hold a software workshop. The accompanying files that will be referenced during the workshop can be found in THIS LINK.

Symposium Program:


CEI Satellite Conference September 16, 2021 at CinC in Brno, Czech Republic

ECGI Technical Workshop 

We will hold the 6th CEI satellite event, “Technical Challenges in ECGI with (Inter)active Hands-on Problem-solving” after Computing in Cardiology, on September 16th at the Brno Univesity of Technology, Czech Republic. While we hope that many of you can attend in person, we will be making much of the day's events available for virtual attendance as well. 

This year's objective is to help early-stage scientists and their groups tackle challenges they face in their ECGI research. We all know that there are certain difficulties and limitations in ECGI. We want to invite you all to come to share in a workshop-styled discussion of those challenges with the goals of sharing ideas, discussing solutions, and forging new collaborations. Attached is a preliminary schedule for the meeting, which includes keynote speakers in the morning, and problem-specific presentations in the afternoon. Refreshments and food will be provided for in-person attendees.

This meeting is considered a community event where everyone is able to speak openly. Intellectual content will be considered protected. We want to create an environment where everyone is able to share ideas, problems, and solutions without the risk of intellectual theft. When signing up for the event, you will be asked to acknowledge this statement and respect it during the meeting. 


CEI Satellite Conference September 18, 2020 at CinC in Rimini, Italy 

ECGI Past, Present, and Future: from Engineering to Clinical Application 

As a satellite meeting to Computing in Cardiology (CinC), the Consortium for ECG Imaging (CEI, http://www.ecg-imaging.org) is organizing the meeting “ECGI Past, Present, and Future: from Engineering to Clinical Application.”

The meeting will be completely virtual on Friday 18 September 2020 starting 15:00 CEST / 09:00 EDT / 07:00 MDT. With financial support from the CinC 2018 Maastricht organizers, registration is free.

During this meeting, the CEI will celebrate its five-year existence and look back at the achievements made in the field of electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI). We will take a moment to review the recent past and present of ECGI, and pay special attention to what the future may bring. We are excited to have four companies join us to share their current challenges in bringing inverse electrical imaging and mapping to its full potential: CardioInsight (Medtronic), Acutus Medical, and Corify. Our objective is to discuss engineering hurdles for ECGI being incorporated into clinical practice and are partnering with industry leaders to discuss these difficult and important topics. We hope that by bringing academia and industry together at this meeting we may further enhance the scientific and clinical impact of ECGI.