This workgroup was established during the meeting at computing in Cardiology 2015. The focus of this workgroup is to study the effect of errors and uncertainty associated with model building techniques in computing forward and inverse ECG solutions. The research consists of comparing the three phases to calculate the forward or inverse solution: segmentation of medical imaging, mesh computation and the construction of the transfer matrix. Research is currently ongoing, for more information about the current status of the work or questions please contact the group organizer.


Group organizer: Machteld Boonstra (


Members: Machteld Boonstra, Jess Tate, Ali Rababah, Wilson Good, Laura Bear, Jana Svehlikova, Peter van Dam, Machteld Boonstra, Rob MacLeod, Sanne Groeneveld, Joselin Duchateau, Jose Luis Rojo, Beata Ondrusova, Nejib Zemzemi, Dana Brooks.