Who is the CEI?

The Consortium for ECG Imaging (CEI) is an international group of researchers united by a passion for the fascinating world of the ECG inverse problem. We are aiming at creating images of the electrophysiological processes in the heart from the electric signals measured on the body surface. These images should have a diagnostic and therapeutic value. Our mission is to systemize existing knowledge and experience, foster ideas exchange, announce the most recent updates in the field, create an experimental data repository freely available for the research community worldwide, organize highly-targeted workshops and conferences and thereby enhance the clinical value of ECG imaging.

On this website you will find information about available online resources and publications to get started, training and education opportunities to improve your qualification, upcoming events to visit and ECG Imaging related software, which might be useful. We also provide a unique repository for storing and sharing of experimental data to promote collaborative spirit and stimulate further development of ECG Imaging.

We believe that only joint efforts will bring us forward. Can we make the electrical activity of the heart visible? Let’s do it together! To become an active member, join our Google Group CECGI or go to the Community link.